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Is Leveling Too Easy?

Is leveling too easy?

This week on WoW Insider, the Community Blog Topic is, “Is leveling too easy?


Should WoW Servers Be Merged?

Should Servers Be Merged

The topic for this week’s Community Blog Topic is whether servers should be merged. This question hits a little close to home for me right now. Blizzard is having a sale on character services this week. Character customizations, faction changes, and server transfers are all 50% off. It was announced last night in trade chat that the top Horde raiding guild will be moving, making my guild the new number one. I was shocked.

My guild is not a progression guild. We have talented people but we only raid one night a week and we are very casual. If we truly become the realm’s top Horde guild, my apprehension for the state of my server will reach a new high. The economy is already struggling, and I fear this sale on server transfers may have far reaching consequences.

Three Features I Wish WoW Had

Three Features I Wish WoW Had

On May 23rd 2013, Robin Torres posed the following question over at WoWInsider: What three features do you wish WoW had? A few obvious choices came to mind when I saw the topic, but I tried to think outside the box a little and I’ve come up with a list that I hope causes someone to pause and go “yea, that’s a great idea!” But for the record, I too would love to have account-wide mail and class storylines akin to the green fire questline that Warlocks received.

The Fastest Way to Level Battle Pets in WoW

The Fastest Way to Level Battle Pets in World of Warcraft

Leveling battle pets can be a chore in World of Warcraft. The problem is that after an initial team of 25s is made, it’s unlikely that team will be a viable option for the more difficult trainers like the Pandaren Spirits or the Beasts of Fable. Ideally, you’re going to want to level a bunch of pets to have a wide variety of options in your toolkit. I’ve recently started preparing a team for each trainer and I think I’ve stumbled on a great way to level pets.

In order to take advantage of this method, you’re going to need a character that can access the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and two level 20+ flying type pets. Personally, I go with the Crow, which can be found on Darkmoon Island, and the Gilnean Raven, which can only be obtained by visiting a pet battle trainer on a Worgen character. They’re not necessary but they are very helpful.

What’s Wrong with World of Warcraft?

What's Wrong with World of Warcraft

On May 23rd 2013, Robin Torres posed the following question over at WoWInsider: What’s wrong with WoW? It’s no secret that WoW’s numbers are declining. If I recall the statistics correctly, WotLK was the height of WoW’s popularity. But I thinking asking what’s wrong with WoW presupposes a “yes” to the more important question: Is there anything wrong with WoW? And to that I say “no.”

WoW is over eight years old at this point. It’s been the king of the MMO world for quite some time. Many competing games have been introduced that were dubbed as “WoW-killers” like Aion, Rift, Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2. But thus far, nothing has lived up to the hype. The health of the game, despite the decline in subscribers, has remained strong.

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