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How Blizzard will bring Diablo III to the PS3 and PS4

Diablo 3 on PS3 and PS4

Have you ever had a good idea and started working on it? I did, back on May 18, 2012. I had read several quotes from Jay Wilson, then-director of Diablo III, where he had said—and I’m paraphrasing here— “we’re not officially doing a console port.” I started writing a post about how Diablo III was made for consoles, but ultimately I decided to scrap it; honestly, who would have wanted to read about that?

As the year went on, I would revisit the draft and add a few notes, but shelve it again. “Diablo III is old news,” I told myself, “No one cares if it comes to console or not. It’s not as if anyone will read this anyway. You’re wasting your time.” If you’re a longtime reader of the site, you might recall we weren’t good with putting content out consistently in our first year. Lack of self-confidence (and procrastination) was a huge issue for me.

Fast forward to a few nights ago when Sony announced the PlayStation 4. During the presentation, Blizzard’s Chris Metzen came out on stage and said Diablo III was going to be released for both PS3 and PS4. As you can imagine, I am kicking myself right now for not putting this post together sooner. What’s particularly frustrating for me is discovering this article was 80% done when I dusted it off after Chris Metzen left the stage. All I was missing were images.

But enough about how I dropped the ball on this one. Let me tell you how Diablo III might work on the PS3. I’m willfully ignoring the PS4 because I haven’t thoroughly reviewed the system specs, but the increased memory will definitely help.

World of Warcraft Would Not Work on Consoles

MovieBob tweets about WoW on consoles

Over the weekend, Bob “MovieBob” Chipman tweeted:

“Hey, Blizzard? Here’s how you put WoW on consoles: Make a WoW-specific controller/keyboard, sell it with the game. PROFIT.”

Were it so easy! World of Warcraft wouldn’t work on the current consoles. I’m not sure if it would be feasible on the next generation, but I have my doubts. Now, that’s not to say MovieBob’s idea is bad. He’s a rather insightful guy who seems to know games as well as he knows film. In fact, it’s not unprecedented for console games to go beyond the standard controller—just look at the custom hardware made for games like Rock Band. A controller specific to World of Warcraft could work, especially if Blizzard could work something out with Razer and ship Nostromos for the game.

However, accessing Azeroth from a console would not be as simple as shipping a custom controller.

DLC Already on the Disc

If you like to keep your ear to the ground when it comes to gaming news, you have no doubt heard your fair share of controversies that seems to have a large portion of gamers up in arms. Recently with the release of Gears of War 3, one such controversy has risen to the surface again: DLC already present on game discs. It seems that no matter which gamer you ask, he or she is going to have a polarized opinion on the subject. And since individuals with opposing views on the internet tend to be incapable of making civilized arguments, I thought it might be a good idea to share my rational views on the subject.

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