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Ronimo Games Releases Snowball Earth Demo

Ronimo's cancelled 2008 Project

In 2007, Ronimo Games started working on a game for the Nintendo Wii called Snowball Earth as a group group graduation project at the Utrecht School of the Arts. It was their first game as a new studio, but they stopped production on the title in 2008. Fast forward to earlier today: Ronimo has released a demo for the game. It’s not a proper demo, in that the game is still cancelled; it is a prototype, but it’s fully playable. The basic premise is that a little robot accidentally freezes the Earth and starts the Ice Age. As a punishment, the robot—controlled by the player—is sent down to Earth to melt the snow and undo his mistake.

Going just from the screenshots and trailer, I think this would have been a very cool game to play. Hit the jump for link to the download, official screenshots, an additional combat trailer, and the prototype’s press release.

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