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GTA V Kifflom! Achievement – Car Location Guide

Kifflom Car Location Guide

In Grand Theft Auto V, Michael can seek enlightenment through the Epsilon Program, which will have Michael perform a series of missions and make a number of donations. One of those tasks involves collecting five vehicles around San Andreas: the Pegassi Vacca; the Benefactor Surano; the Dinka Double-T; the Enus Super Diamond; and the Declasse Tornado. While it’s possible to purchase some of these vehicles, all of them can be stolen for free around the game. Please note, sometimes the cars are not always where I’ve marked the map. If the car is missing, just grab a taxi to another car location and return afterwards.

New Plot Devices Needed

I am sometimes often accused of being too critical when I judge gameplay mechanics. For example, while I understand that an invisible wall is sometimes the best way to limit a player’s movement, generally I find them to be a product of lazy game design. I also think it is cheap to temporarily take away a player’s abilities during an encounter just to make it more difficult (like removing Ezio’s ability to use “acrobatics” in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations or decreasing the player’s health in Bioshock).

I feel the same accusation mounting as I write this, but I cannot help it. For a while now I have felt that games lack a certain amount of creativity in their plots. It was difficult for me to put my finger on it exactly, but I felt like I encountered the same story in every game I played, even though they were very different at first glance. After I thought about it, though, I realized that there are two plot devices that are far too common: zombies and super weapons.

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