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A Critique of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Sequences 7-9

Time has finally come to conclude my analysis of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. In case you missed them, please read through the previous articles on Sequences 1-3 and Sequences 4-6. The goal of these articles has been to express the problems in game design and to see if these problems were addressed in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III, which is slated for an October 30, 2012 release date. Without further ado, let us see how the end of the game stacked up against the previous sections.

Polymorphous Perversity Made Me Question My Identity

Polymorphous Perversity made me question my identity
I don’t know what to say about Nicolau Chaud’s Polymorphous Perversity. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to say about it; quite the opposite, in fact! It’s just that I went in to the RPG expecting a commentary on human sexuality, some reveal of a deeper truth. I was looking to explore the psychology of sex and the libido, as Chaud has a background in psychology.

The problem with saying something about this game is that what I have to say is difficult. Worse, it’s subjective; my first ten minutes with the game left me feeling very uncomfortable. My final ten minutes with the game left me annoyed. There is a lot to say about wading through the gray mud of that journey, so I’ll just start at the beginning.

An Argument Against Legacy Servers (Part 2)

Earlier this week I started talking about why a legacy server in World of Warcraft is a bad idea. Quests existed for gear rewards and intrinsically promoted grinding. Questing required grouping with other players because difficulty fluctuated wildly. Questing just wasn’t a viable means of leveling. Once you reached max level, raiding was a joke. Everything about PvE was built around tedium and made playing WoW like a second job. Things were bad.

Today we’re talking about PvP, what it was like to be a max level player who didn’t raid, and how the state of the gold economy was back then. If you’ve read Part 1 of this series, what follows shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. I guess that doubles as a spoiler that things were bad.

An Argument Against World of Warcraft Legacy Servers (Part 1)

Warcraft Legacy Servers

A common request for World of Warcraft is the addition of legacy realms. In a nutshell, a legacy realm—or legacy servers, if your prefer—would be like playing World of Warcraft before Cataclysm. The discussion is far more nuanced than this, but I’ll get into details after the jump.

What makes this a common request? There have been nearly 10,000 threads started on the Battle.net forums (in both US and EU regions) since they went live in late 2009. Additionally, at least 30,000 posts have been made in those threads. It’s unknown how many threads have been started on Blizzard’s old WoW forums.

After the jump, read Blizzard’s official stance on the subject. After all, with such demand, how can they possibly say no?

Minecraft Needs More Life

I’ve been playing Minecraft since October 2010. I don’t play it very often any more. What I enjoyed most about the game is gone, due to both Mojang and third-party server operators. Before I get into what has changed for the worse, let me first explain what I liked about the game.

When I started playing, Minecraft was a very simple game. You collect resources, built tools, and then use those tools to collect better resources. You could build structures much as you can now, but creative mode wasn’t an option and so you had to gather all of your materials. If you wanted to build a grand citadel made entirely of obsidian, gold, and diamond, then you would need to spend several weeks down in the bowels of the earth. There were also several mechanisms available, like mine carts, mine cart tracks, and redstone dust. Powered rails, pistons, and redstone repeaters—core components for modern Minecraft mechanisms—did not exist. It was this simplicity that I enjoyed the most about Minecraft.

A Critique of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Sequences 4-6

Last time in this series, I took a look at Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Sequences 1-3. Today I will be looking at the next set of Desmond’s memories contained in Sequences 4-6. Please keep in mind that while I try to keep spoilers to a minimum they are unavoidable in an article like this. To put it plainly, there are spoilers within. Read on to see what problems I encountered in the game design and how Ubisoft could improve upon this series in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III game.

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