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Spartan Ops Episode 8 After Show

Spartan Ops After Show

Welcome to the Spartan Ops After Show! We are joined again by the actors portraying Fireteam Crimson. Today, we’re going to be discussing their experience filming on the set of Halo: Infinity. This week we saw the debut of Episode 8, “Expendable.”

How to Make PvP Dispels in WoW More Interesting

Making Dispeling in World of Warcraft Interesting

My main character in World of Warcraft is a Priest. When I’m healing, I have access to three dispels: Purify, which can remove malicious magic effects and diseases from my allies; Dispel Magic, which removes beneficial magic effects from an enemy; and Mass Dispel, which removes magic effects from allies and enemies within a 15-yard radius.

Purify is on an 8 second cooldown and is limited to the Holy and (inferior) Discipline specializations. It clears all magic- and disease-type debuffs from a single ally. Mass Dispel can affect up to 10 allies and 10 enemies, clears a single magic effect from each of them, and is on a 15 second cooldown. Dispel Magic clears a single magic buff from an enemy and has no cooldown.

Are Addons Required for Healing Yet?

Are World of Warcraft Addons Required for Healing?

In my experience, healers are regarded as the backbone of a party; if the tank(s) die, then the rest of the party is sure to follow, and keeping the tank alive is the healer’s responsibility. Who doesn’t have a story about the healer that wiped the group, or a story about how replacing a bad healer made the run so much easier? It’s not hard to imagine it’s a high-stakes role.

Players who are new to healing or considering sharing the hugs-and-cookies tend to be afraid of the horror stories I mentioned above. It’s not uncommon to see them seeking whatever advantage they can get. Add-ons tend to be seen as one of those advantages. It’s not uncommon for me to see the following question: “What addons should I get for healing?”

“None,” I want to say. I have to wonder though, are addons mandatory for healing at this point? It’s a more nuanced question than you might imagine. And really, it all comes down to the mouse and accessibility.

Spartan Ops Episode 7 After Show

Spartan Ops After Show Episode 7

Welcome back to another episode of the Spartan Ops After Show. Today, we’re sitting back down with the cast portraying Fireteam Crimson. In case you missed it last week, we got to hear about what it was like working behind enemy lines. This week, the cast divulges their secrets about filming onboard the UNSC Infinity in Episode 7, Invasion.

The Music of Mists of Pandaria

Thinking about the Mists of Pandaria music

The music of Mists of Pandaria is some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard in World of Warcraft. It’s not like the previous Cataclysm soundtrack, which featured a lot of ominous strings and chanting to make you feel uneasy. Instead, the Mists soundtrack is calm and soothing. Part of this is due to the nature of the traditional Chinese instruments used—the guzheng, a plucked zither; the erhu, a two-string fiddle; and the dizi, a transverse flute. The composers had to learn how to compose music for these instruments; Western music (aka classical music) typically uses a heptatonic scale—seven notes per octave—while traditional Chinese music uses a pentatonic scale—five notes per octave. This radically different composition brings a new character to the world, and it fits the new continent of Pandaria quite well.

I think my favorite part about the Mists of Pandaria soundtrack is that you can’t tell who composed what. It’s a seamless soundtrack. It’s very difficult to hear a piece of music in game and think, “oh, this track was composed by Neal Acree.” The soundtrack is one with itself, which is again befitting of Pandaria.

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