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A Criticism of Gears of War 3, Act 1 (Part 2)

Yesterday, Marcus lead Delta squad the defense of the CNC Sovereign.  Today, Cole leads a squad into Hanover to look for supplies.  Let’s start things off on the right foot, shall we?

A Criticism of Gears of War 3, Act 1 (Part 1)

Yesterday, we looked at the introductory cinematic for Gears of War 3. Today, we’re looking into the actual game. We’ll cover Act 1, Chapters 0-2. Let’s get started with Act 1: Prologue.

A Criticism of Gears of War 3, Introduction

Gears of War;  I love this series.  I have never played a video game with as much gore that has been this fun.  Epic Games, developers of Gears, has been working on the series for several years, and each installment has been better than the last.  Gears of War 3 came out last month.

Over the course of the next month, I’ll be nitpicking Gears of War as a series, focused entirely on the campaigns.  I’ll start with Gears of War 3, then move on to Gears of War 2, then finish it off with the first Gears of War.  The focus of these criticisms is not to bash Gears of War or Epic; the games are great and I enjoy playing them very much.  In addition, it’s because I love the Gears of War series that I’m going to be criticising it.  Along with all of the faults, I’m also going to be pointing out all of the cool stuff.  And of course, it should go without saying that this series (of posts, not the game) is going to be very subjective.

You can check out the rest of the series here:

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