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GTA V Kifflom! Achievement – Car Location Guide

Kifflom Car Location Guide

In Grand Theft Auto V, Michael can seek enlightenment through the Epsilon Program, which will have Michael perform a series of missions and make a number of donations. One of those tasks involves collecting five vehicles around San Andreas: the Pegassi Vacca; the Benefactor Surano; the Dinka Double-T; the Enus Super Diamond; and the Declasse Tornado. While it’s possible to purchase some of these vehicles, all of them can be stolen for free around the game. Please note, sometimes the cars are not always where I’ve marked the map. If the car is missing, just grab a taxi to another car location and return afterwards.

Video of Each Vehicle Location

Pegassi Vacca

Pegassi Vacca - Car


Pegassi Vacca - Map Zoom Out


Pegassi Vacca - Map Zoom In


Benefactor Surano

Benefactor Surano - Car


Benefactor Surano - Map Zoom Out


Benefactor Surano - Map Zoom In


Enus Super Diamond

Enus Super Diamond - Car


Enus Super Diamond - Map Zoomed Out


Enus Super Diamond - Map Zoomed In

Dinka Double-T

Dinka Double-T - Motorcycle


Dinka Double-T - Map Zoomed Out


Dinka Double-T - Map Zoomed In


Declasse Tornado

Declasse Tornado - Car


Declasse Tornado - Map Zoomed Out


Declasse Tornado - Map Zoomed In

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