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Three Features I Wish WoW Had

Three Features I Wish WoW Had

On May 23rd 2013, Robin Torres posed the following question over at WoWInsider: What three features do you wish WoW had? A few obvious choices came to mind when I saw the topic, but I tried to think outside the box a little and I’ve come up with a list that I hope causes someone to pause and go “yea, that’s a great idea!” But for the record, I too would love to have account-wide mail and class storylines akin to the green fire questline that Warlocks received.

Queuing Up For a Dungeon on Any Character

This would require a bit of UI shenanigans, but from a technical standpoint I don’t think it’d be impossible. The general idea is that I’d like to be able to log on my main and go do dailies while being queued for a dungeon on an alt. Imagine that you’re out in the world, earning reputation with the August Celestials, maybe doing a few pet battles in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, but when you accept the queue, you’re suddenly zoned in, on that alt, to the dungeon.

There are some obvious problems that would need to be dealt with, like what happens to the alt when you try to zone out of the dungeon, what happens to your main after you accept the dungeon queue, etc. Even so, I’d really like the ability because sometimes there’s nothing that one character could do while waiting in a queue but there’s plenty to do on another. Heck, it may even be the case that you’d queue for a dungeon for your main while playing an alt. It’d be very useful.

Transferring Professions to Another Character

This arises from a rather selfish problem I have at the moment. On a server I don’t play much anymore, I was able to experience the joy of having a Tauren Druid Herbalist. Over. Powered. I never thought gathering herbs could be so fun, but I could do it for hours on that toon. On my normal server I foolishly leveled different professions on my Druid. It would be nice if I could go to an herbalism trainer and write down all my herbalism skill in a book, then mail that book to another character. The process would obviously delete the profession from the original character, but that way I wouldn’t have to level it from scratch.

Admittedly, since Blizzard seems to be trying to give “catch up” options to level professions, this system may be less valuable. The ability to level herbalism in Pandaria is an example of this. However, I pride myself in having nearly every Enchanting recipe in the game on my Warlock. Many of those recipes were difficult to obtain, and I don’t just mean the ones linked to reputation. Spellsurge is an Outlands world drop and took me quite a long time to obtain. If I ever wanted to drop the profession, I would lose years of recipe collection. I’m essentially stuck with it right now. Being able to send an Inherited Book of Enchanting (or something) to an alt would be neat.

Sharing Gathering Nodes with Party Members

This one comes straight from TERA. In that game, a character can learn all of the gathering professions at the same time, unlike in WoW. When Adam and I played the open beta in April 2012, we were happy to discover that not only could the two of us gather an herb or ore node at the same time, but doing so made it gather faster and we would both obtain materials from it.

Whenever I level a toon with someone in WoW, we can’t pick the same gathering professions. It would get awkward because you have to fight for nodes. Inevitably, we both discuss what professions each one will take so we’re not stepping on each other’s toes. For some strange reason, having shared gathering nodes in TERA was also rather addicting. Adam and I actually had fun gathering mats for professions we didn’t even fully understand yet.

Lastly, sharing nodes would also mean sharing experience. Some time ago, WoW introduced the concept of giving characters experience for gather herbs and ore. At one point, characters in a group actually shared that experience. In other words, if two herbalists were grouped together and one of them gathered peacebloom, they would both get experience for it. Sadly, last time I checked, the shared experience no longer worked. Putting it back in would make grouping up feel less like a penalty.

A wish list like this could go on for pages, but these are my top three feature requests.

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