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The Fastest Way to Level Battle Pets in WoW

The Fastest Way to Level Battle Pets in World of Warcraft

Leveling battle pets can be a chore in World of Warcraft. The problem is that after an initial team of 25s is made, it’s unlikely that team will be a viable option for the more difficult trainers like the Pandaren Spirits or the Beasts of Fable. Ideally, you’re going to want to level a bunch of pets to have a wide variety of options in your toolkit. I’ve recently started preparing a team for each trainer and I think I’ve stumbled on a great way to level pets.

In order to take advantage of this method, you’re going to need a character that can access the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and two level 20+ flying type pets. Personally, I go with the Crow, which can be found on Darkmoon Island, and the Gilnean Raven, which can only be obtained by visiting a pet battle trainer on a Worgen character. They’re not necessary but they are very helpful.

If you’re leveling battle pets, I also suggest getting yourself a Safari Hat since it increases experience gained in pet battles by 10%. It’s a reward for the achievement Taming the World which requires you defeat 40 master pet tamers. Unfortunately for some, in order to get the achievement you have to battle at least one pet tamer from the opposing faction or you will be stuck at 39/40. If you have no toons of the opposing faction I suggest creating an Orc or Human and getting to Ogrimmar or Stormwind.

Aquatic Battle Pets in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Once you have your team ready to go, it’s time to head to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. All around the Vale you will encounter aquatic-type pets near water, as seen in the above image. These pets are in the 23-25 level range and are very easily defeated by a single strong flying-type pet. What makes these pets ideal for leveling new pets is that the opponent’s opening move is frequently a non-damaging ability. That means your level one pet can start the match off, survive the first round, and gain a lot of experience.

In order for a pet to gain experience, it must participate in at least one round and survive to the end of the match. It does not have to damage the opponent. The experience gains will be split amongst all participating pets. Fortunately, a recent change makes max level pets exempt from that split. That means if you defeat a group with a level 25 pet, your leveling pet will get the same amount of experience as if it had defeated the opponent team by itself.

The other great thing about leveling in the Vale is that you will have a stable master easily accessible to heal your pets. The Horde has Tracker Lang and the Alliance has Jaul Hsu. That means you can quickly run around the Vale battling these aquatic pets without fear of waiting for the pet heal to come off of cooldown or wasting a bandage.

Below is a short video demonstrating how it works. Happy pet leveling!

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  1. I use this same method myself, usually while waiting for a healer que for LFRs or for everyone to log on for raid. But now I’m on a pve server. Before the transfer, I tried leveling pets in this area and got ganked more times than not thanks to the 5/1 ratio of horde to alliance. A good option for ganking servers is to use a Tiny Harvester down at the Incursion in Krasarang Wilds. They also have a stable master and the pets are right there in the camp for guard protection. But that is alliance. I would say that horde have the equivalent somewhere.

  2. Patrick /

    Well, this doesn’t help someone that doesn’t already higher level pets. One suggestion I give those with no high level pets is to leverage other pets rather than leveling one from 1 to 25.

    That is, use a green level 5 to capture a green level 6 in one fight rather than many fights to level the 5 to a 6. You might lose a little but you can get one to 25 faster.

    Once you have a few higher levels it’s easier level them faster.

    Also, the trainer in the valley is very easily beaten and usually leads with the sunflower so your level 3 or 4 pet will survive the initial hit and switch to a 25. A strong 25 that beats them all and then your low level will jump from 3 to 12 or 13 in one fight.

  3. Munchbox /

    I found an even better method… Level a cat build to level 25… In my case I’ve got Black Tabby Cat…
    I go to Valley of the four winds and pick off all the wild critters (marsh fiddlers, bandicoons etc.)
    I get the first hit in by the pet I’m levelling, swap to my Cat, hit them with Claw, until their health is between 600HP to 300 HP
    Devour them..
    Wild pet dies, you regain your health back and you should never need to bandage… Unless your first pet is REALLY low…


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