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Healing LFR Isn’t Fun

Healing in LFR

Healing is something that comes naturally to me. I like healing in World of Warcraft. I like playing as a Holy Priest. Being responsible for the virtual lives of other characters doesn’t bother me. I leveled as a healer. I didn’t level as Shadow until 81-85, when Cataclysm came out; for Mists of Pandaria, I went back to Holy because quest rewards were based on specialization, and I needed to have Spirit on my gear, not Hit Rating.

It always makes me uneasy when I’m playing as a non-healer. I always feel like the healer who is taking up the mantle is going to do something wrong. Seeing health bars that aren’t full actually makes me panic. I’ll be yelling at my monitor, “come on, heal the tank, they’re going to die.” The tank rarely does, of course. You’d think I’d have learned to trust other healers by now.

The weird thing is, I don’t like healing in LFR. I didn’t know why until this weekend. It was something a death knight said when we were in the Halls of Flesh Shaping. What they said was so idiotic it was actually infuriating. I wanted to turn on caps lock and just chew this person out.

We had just wiped on Dark Animus. The strategy the tanks wanted to use was to kill the adds one at a time. Keeping the activation rate of constructs slow would almost guarantee us the kill. I guess for our first attempt, some of the damage dealers got a little impatient and started doing AOE. As we regrouped, the tanks restated how we need to single target the adds. Then the Death Knight said:

“why don’t we just nuke them all down? its easier that way.”

Behold the epitome of why I hate healing in LFR.

It’s not easier to nuke everything at once. What that does is enables damage dealers to ignore whatever discipline they have. You don’t need control to do AOE. You just fire and forget, and watch everything die around you. The thing is, doing an AOE burn on Dark Animus does make it easier, but only for the damage dealers. It shuffles responsibility from the damage dealers to the healers. Their insatiable desire to watch everything blow up means that Large Anima Golems will start to come out en masse. The incoming damage ramps up very quickly with this reckless tactic. If healers aren’t prepared—i.e. have the gear and skill to deal with the increased damage, or have healing assignments covered so that more of the raid can be healed simultaneously—then there will be a wipe shortly after the Dark Animus activates. But hey! At least the damage dealers got to see the damage meters inflate!

I wish I could say something to the effect of, “damage dealers are competent players,” but I can’t. It’s just not true in LFR. They don’t care about anything other than their own damage output. And since it’s a 25-man raid, there are seventeen selfish, incompetent morons waiting to blow up the damage meters, stroke their epeens, and get their harmful ejaculate all over the raid.

Editor: We can't show the image Adam wanted to use. Here are shadow baby bears instead.

We can’t show the image Adam wanted to use. Here are shadow baby bears instead. –Editor

This isn’t something new to the Throne of Thunder. This has been happening for as long as LFR has been around. For Morchok, nobody cared if he or she was standing in the Black Blood of the Earth, because the healers would fix it. For Yor’sahj the Unsleeping, it didn’t matter if you didn’t kill the correct blood (if you killed it at all); it would only be extra damage for the healers to deal with. For Ultraxion, no one could be bothered to hit their extra action button, because the damage was negligible, therefore the healers should fix it.

In Mogu’shan Vaults, nothing changed. On Stone Guard—the very first boss of the raid tier—players would spread out for Jasper Chains, stand in Amethyst Pools longer than they should have, or disregarded where the Cobalt Mines were. This extra damage wasn’t just unnecessary, but it was 100% avoidable.

If the damage can be avoided, then you can be certain that half of the raid won’t bother to avoid it.

I think the problem is that the damage really is negligible. For Ultraxion, no one hit their button for Hour of Twilight because it never did more than 60% of a player’s health in damage instead of killing them outright. The passive raid damage was low. The time between each Fading Light cast was long enough that even someone’s passive healing could top them off.

In Heart of Fear, the Wind Bombs Wind Lord Mel’jarak puts down in LFR only does 50,000 damage when they detonate. For a worst case scenario, where you cheesed the item level requirement to get into LFR, you’d need to have less than 15% of your health to be killed by that. Contrast that to what happens on normal difficulty, where players take 350,000 damage instead. That’s seven times more! If you were doing Heart of Fear when it was current content, then you might have survived if you were at full health before it detonated. In fact, I was in a Heart of Fear LFR run (I waited in the queue while I wrote this) where 11 Wind Bombs went off. Nobody died. That kind of damage would have wiped the raid ten times over.

Going back to Dark Animus, the differences between normal and LFR are like night and day. On LFR, the smallest Anima Golems just exist. On normal, those same golems have a passive buff that reduces AOE damage by 90%, and they do double damage when they’re in close proximity to one another. No sane tank would pick up all 25 golems if they do double damage, which means the only viable strategy is to kite everything and single-target them down. The AOE reduction doesn’t need to be there. It takes the guesswork out of a strategy for normal, and that seems completely backwards to me. LFR is supposed to be the difficulty for brain-dead morons, not the difficulty that encourages problem solving.

Considering I want all the damage dealers to die in LFR—which, by the way, is NOT the kind of thing you want your healers to be saying—my proposed solution for this problem might be a little extreme. For starters, Blizzard needs to stop enabling the “healers will fix it” mentality. The primary cause for that is negligible damage. Instead of reducing avoidable damage by 80%, the damage shouldn’t be reduced. It’s avoidable. The tradeoff for LFR would be to delay how long until the damage hits. Cast times could be longer, projectiles could take longer to hit, and ground effects could be more obvious. There could even be boss notifications specific to LFR that warn players to take action or they will die.

“Healers will fix it” needs to go. It’s not an unsolvable problem. All Blizzard has to do is stop enabling this mentality. In the meantime, what can we do as a community to mitigate this problem?

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  1. Tyashki /

    This is probably also one of the reasons healers tend to get quick queues for LFR, and, if you ask a cynical DPS, “The price we have to pay for it.”

  2. Leene /

    LFR seems to have invoked the mentality that it’s so easy that tactics can be ignored and whenever something goes wrong it’s someone else’s fault. People sign up as tanks and healers for quick queues without the gear or knowledge or even spec to do their assigned tasks, and it’s on the rest of group that pays the price. No matter how many times you shout NO AOE on Dark Animus, or KILL ADDS on Horridon, there’s the people who want to show off their amazing dps by spamming their aoe or hitting the boss for so long you get War God Jalak in the middle of the fight instead of at the end. Of course, if there’s a wipe it’s because the healers are bad. Not because the twat dps couldn’t be a team member.

    I have no idea what we could do to solve the problem, there will always be people like this. It doesn’t matter how many times or how you tell them the tactics – they will follow their own because they know best. I guess the least we can do is to tell people the tactics before the fight, and that way weed out the lazy from the clueless.

  3. Friction /

    My idea is changing the consequences. Like you said, the avoidable damage is so miniscule it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t prevent the DPS from doing their thing (through death), and it falls to the healers to fix things.

    Old consequences: miniscule damage.
    new consequences: unhealable debuff and a very strong dot.

    Instead of void zones doing a bit of damage, they should instead proc an ‘absorbs 100% of healing for x seconds’ and a major dot on them. This way you can’t blame the healers because they are literally unhealable due to taking avoidable damage. You remove the healers from the equation and you literally remove all sane rationalization of ‘oh, the healer will fix that’.

  4. MagmaScythe /

    I think your opinion of DPS as a whole is very much skewed. Firstly, most LFR’s are made up of at most 5 DPS who are competent and attentive, but this is a product that blizzard has caused, and these DPS are having a much worse time than you. You mentioned no one avoiding pools/chains/traps in stone guard because they consider the damage negligible. Well look how that fight is handled. That fight in normal and heroic is a tank test. Tanks need to properly handle the bosses to have the fight go successful at all. But in LFR, the tanks just stack them all together so they die faster because the damage they deal has never been extremely dangerous. And it doesn’t stop there. I’ve healed plenty of LFR’s on my shammy, and understand that shammies are well behind other healers. But what I see all the time is healers blowing their major CD’s whenever they are up, just staring at the healing meter. The problem is the people, but the people are an off product of blizzard making LFR much too forgiving. The difference from LFR (where you are supposed to be learning the fights) to normal raids is astounding. LFR has created dozens of problems for the game. Whether it’s killing guilds, killing raid prestige, or even creating a false sense of accomplishment, LFR is just plain stressful to any trying to progress in this game. The general air of LFR is “let’s get this shit done as fast as possible”. So you complain that healing LFR isn’t fun. I’ll add on to that by saying DPSing and tanking LFR isn’t much fun either. As DPS, you determine the speed of the run, but its very frustrating when you are going all out and half the dps are pulling horible dps. From a tank point of view, if you or your co tank is on their fist time there, you deal with the stress of everyone on your case if anything goes wrong.

    So try to understand that when you are having a bad time in LFR’s with your under 1 minute queues, there are other people who are having a worse time who have been waiting over 30 minutes to get in.

  5. Wow. Just wow.

    I have to wonder how much of the venom you actually feel, and how much of it is just there for making a controversial point or a nice turn of phrase. If you really do feel this way about the majority of your fellow players, then you NEED to stop running LFR for a while to allow your perspective to reset. It may also be helpful to actually chat with some of the DPSers you so easily and thoroughly disparage. Chances are good you have a friend who is plays a DPS class, if you don’t yourself. Is he or she such a little piece of shit, dedicated to personal glory above all at all times and places? No? That’s because most folks aren’t. You’re writing while angry!

    You want more people to move out of more avoidable stuff?* While we’re talking about easily avoidable damage like that, let’s also mention the tanks who don’t care about positioning and face Elegon or Tsulong or whatever into the group. How about that tank who takes the guardian to explode in the middle of the DPS?

    For the most part, LFR DPS isn’t doing stupid sheeyit because they think the healers can fix it. They’re not doing it to eff you specifically or healers in general over by making you work harder than you should theoretically have to when you work hard enough as is. They are doing what they do because:

    1. LFR members are NOT a raid team AND NEVER WILL BE.
    You cannot pick who you get grouped with. You cannot guarantee they’re sober, speak the same language or even that they’re wearing the right gear for their role (what with tanks queueing as DPS, for example). This is true of EVERY ROLE. Bob the Holy Paladin could come into LFR to heal but forget he’s wearing his ret set. Joe the Warrior queued as tank by accident (had it set for heroics) and forgot, so he shows up in his DPS getup. You see DPS as the primary problem, but I’d argue their obvious fail is just that obvious because DPS are more numerous.

    Random player grouping is the nature of LFR, but it immediately limits the possible cooperation and effectiveness right off the bat. In addition, LFR also allows people who would normally be unable to focus exclusively on raiding to actually experience this fancy end content. So that guy over there, the one who’s standing in crap? He’s probably alt-tabbed or away from the desk or who knows what. If it’s just for a second and he dies in the fight, fine. If it’s for the rest of the fight, he gets kicked. LFR goes on.

    2. LFR is just another method of gear grind – NOT A RAID.
    While seeing the content once is great, most folks are there for the gear or the valor. They’re not there to achieve anything. They’re not there for a clean, elegant kill. They just want to get in, smash all the crap, get out and get on with their lives – much like you probably do. Despite its name and similar content, LFR isn’t as much like raiding as it is like LFD heroics.

    People have become attuned to the minimum amount of energy required to reliably accomplish this gearing task because they’re doing it on a regular basis. Yes, they’re going to ignore the mechanics on the Stone Guard, because LFR has done that since day one and because the boss is killed anyway. You want avoidable damage to be increased, so these people would flat out die as a result. But ask yourself: would you rather wipe with these strangers over and over and over, or do you just want them to get the job done so you can get your rolls in and get out?

    I, for one, do not want to wipe constantly with my LFR friends – and wiping is exactly what making LFR harder would accomplish. Durumu, anyone? Lei Shen? They’ve been nerfed, and LFR parties still have issues with them. I say they need to be nerfed MORE.

    And why SHOULD people work any harder than they have for someone like you, me, or anybody else they don’t know? If I can survive accidentally standing in green goo for the two seconds it takes for me to realize and react, why should I freak out about getting out of there in one?

    If if bothers you that DPS have absolutely no reason to make your life any easier and absolutely no reason to make LFR more like legit raiding, then you can punish them for being stupid by not healing them. Somebody else will cover for you.

    Oh, you don’t want to do that? That’ll mess up your HPS?

    I gotta say, there’s a lot of delicious irony in the claim that DPS “don’t care about anything other than their own damage output,” given that if the group doesn’t have enough DPS to beat the enrage timer, you’d be blaming them for being terrible.

    * I’d like more healers to dispel that stupid 13 second stun in the second half of Mogushan Vaults. Shall we queue together? I’ll move out of the crap and you dispel me. Deal?

    • If I hadn’t written this while I was angry, then it wouldn’t have been written at all. Or at the very least, it would have been more polite and reasoned argument. I chose to post it without cleaning it up or watering it down because you don’t want healers to be angry with you. You don’t want a healer pleading for you to make that fire/voidzone/bad stuff your grave. That’s messed up. Healers aren’t there to watch you die.

      I could have written a piece dripping with scorn that was directed at tanks. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wiped on Lei Shen because the tank ran the boss toward the overloaded conduit. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wiped because tanks don’t taunt swap, or avoid that really big attack they’re supposed to avoid, or when they do any number of other dumb things that makes my job more difficult. But I didn’t, because it was a tank who was saying, “we’re going to single tank this” on Dark Animus, while it was a DPS who just wanted to let loose and watch everything blow up.

      “If I can survive accidentally standing in green goo for the two seconds it takes for me to realize and react, why should I freak out about getting out of there in one?”

      Cool, take two seconds to get out of the goo. The important part is that you got out of the goo. The players that are obviously there (they’re slinging spells, so you know they’re not AFK or alt-tabbed or whatever) who will stand in the goo for as long as the goo is on the ground? Those are the players who draw my ire. They drain more of my mana than people like you who take two seconds to get out of the bad stuff. (And to be honest, it sometimes takes me a few seconds to get out of the bad stuff, but only because I’m finishing a spell cast/channel.)

      And there’s no irony to be had. I don’t care about low DPS (or maxing my HPS, for that matter). Hitting a berserk timer is frustrating, but that can be fixed. The obvious thing is that anyone who died early will have (if they were paying attention) seen what to do to not die early; presumably, they wouldn’t be dying the next pull. If we’re close to a kill, then the stack of Determination will fix it for round two. If the healers are on the ball, I can even switch to DPS and help push the kill myself.

  6. Haki /

    Began healing 2 days ago, was just healing ToeS right now… on Tsulong there were 2 healers standing outside the sunbeam with 30 stacks of the debuff that increases the damage they take from one of Tsulong’s spells…
    Now I understand how healers feel. :( even some healers ignore the mechanics and we have to heal them…

  7. Jomero /

    To change the mentality, my suggestion would be to hit the DPSers where it really hurts them: the dps meters. Whether it kills them or not, wheneverthey stand in stuff they could have 100% avoided, give them a 10 second lockout on their attacks.

    I guarantee you they will avoid that stuff if that were in place.

    • Heresy /

      Bingo! We have a winner.

      You can bet if standing in the bad netted a 50% damage reduction for 15 seconds, those DPS would move as if God Himself reached down and yanked them.

      In my old Classic guild, meters were just getting popular and I’ll never forget what the DPS lead said: dead DPS do no damage. The difficulty of DPS was to exert the maximum amount of damage while staying alive, which meant staying under threat (another dead mechanic that’s been shoved off to the tanks) and staying out of colorful things on the ground (which has now been shoved off to the healers).

      So, hit them where it hurts – the e-peen.

  8. Zerd /

    Why are you SO annoyed that some people can’t be bothered to get out of the green goo when it clearly can be healable? It’s not as if that person dies because of standing there (as you said the damage is negligible/easily healable), it’s not as if you are barely healing the raid and not have enough time to keep those people up.

    You’re just simply annoyed that they don’t give a shit and stand there dpsing while you have to do extra healing, well guess what, most people DON’T GIVE A SHIT in LFR. And I don’t get the whining at all, it’s not as if you are physically spending more effort to heal, you press more buttons, well gee, sorry to be a BOTHER.

    I personally like it when healing is more challenging in LFR because its mindlessly boring otherwise. LFR isn’t designed to be fun, it’s designed to see content, and if it was harder you wouldn’t have any fun whatsoever because only a minority of people would know the tacts and you would wipe constantly for hours and people would leave left and right and you would end up waiting in queues forever.

    You rage is absolutely unjustified seeing as you can find the environment that you are looking for by just joining a guild and running normal modes or you can even pug most bosses these days…

    Worthless rant is worthless.

    • You rage is absolutely unjustified seeing as you can find the environment that you are looking for by just joining a guild and running normal modes or you can even pug most bosses these days…

      “Just join a guild and run normal modes! Or PUG the bosses!” What happens when you’re on a low population server? Finding a raiding guild is going to be difficult, and PUGs likely moreso. Cross-realm raiding isn’t going to be an option (for Throne of Thunder) until August (or whenever patch 5.4 hits), so that’s out of the question. What then? “Just transfer servers?” That’s a terrible solution. (I’m not on a low population server. I am in fact in a raiding guild, and we are running normal modes. A funny thing happens when you’re on the 5.2 legendary quests: you’ll want to run LFR in addition to normal modes so you can get all of your Secrets of the Empire—and by extension, your meta gem—faster.)

      To say my rage is unjustified, when you knew nothing about my server or guild? You clearly haven’t thought about how things work outside of your own little world. I recently wrote an article about DPS who ignore everything outside of their own little bubble, and how that pisses some healers off. Perhaps you’ve read it? (I’m implying that you’re of the same caliber of bad as the type of DPS I rant about.)

      You’re also wrong about how much effort needs to be spent. If someone’s health drops low while I’m casting, then I either have to finish casting or stop casting, change targets, and pick the appropriate spell (or cooldown) to use to ensure they don’t die. If multiple players health is low, and I can’t use an easy group heal, then I have to juggle my spell casting for all of them, until I am satisfied that they aren’t in danger of dying.

      As the number of people taking damage increases, I have to spend more time changing targets. Using Grid is great because it minimizes the distance I have to move my mouse. (Of course, now we’re talking about making small, precise movements instead of large, sweeping gestures. Let’s not go off on that tangent, though.) But again, if everyone who is taking damage isn’t grouped up nicely—either in the raid layout or clustered close enough together on the battlefield—then I have to spend more time choosing my targets. Switching from row 1, column 2 to row 5, column 5, then to row 1, column 3, requires more effort than just going from R1,C2 to R1,C3. It also requires that R1,C3’s health is at a critical level over R5,C5, which isn’t always going to be the case.

      And if it’s a movement heavy fight, such as Durumu’s maze phase or Iron Qon’s tornados, then I have to find time to stop, heal them up, and keep moving so that I myself am not in danger of dying.

      Again, this all depends on the number of people taking damage, and how many healers are up to mitigate that damage. Since you’re likely to be among the healers who dies in the avoidable bad stuff, then there will be more healing for me to do. That’ll be more effort for me.

  9. Asiel /

    While I agree that this attitude in general is an extremely annoying side-effect of LFR and random groups in general (it almost always happens in 5-mans, too), that Death Knight was correct; That’s not to say there’s no caveat. The trick to making the “AoE it down” strategy the “easier” strategy is to make sure that everyone knows they need to kite the Crimson Waves out of and away from the raid. There’s also a lot to be said about the general amount of respect and authority players DON’T afford one another in those situations. One person saying that they’ve cleared the entire thing on Heroic, and that the rest of the raid should listen to them because they know what they’re doing, will likely be met with a “then go do Heroic-mode” response.

    It all comes down to how you present things to the rest of the raid. On Lei Shen in LFR, our raid was constantly taking more damage than it needed to due to the Ball Lightnings that were spawned after the first transition and we wiped. To combat this, I appealed to that natural instinct of those damage dealers to “blow shit up”: “Hey, guys. In P2, if we all stack and AoE those little lightning balls that spawn, less damage goes out to the raid and you all get to see big numbers when you kill them.”

    It was like someone awarded me the title “Your Overlord and Master” for that kill. Not a single DPSer was caught standing outside of the stack not AoEing those damn things down.

    • If a DPS wants to stand in bad stuff in a 5-man, then there’s only one healer. Which, in turn, means that there is a DPS dead in the bad stuff. (I never let bad DPS die, unless they’re being a jerk to other players.)

      Communication (and communicating effectively) solves a lot of problems in WoW. It just sucks that there’s a stigma against it… at least there is in my battlegroup. People don’t like saying, “hey, this is my first time here” until after the first wipe, for fear that they’ll be kicked out. From time to time, I try to make an effort to break that silence by asking before every boss, “is anyone unfamiliar with this boss?” Or, in a 5-man, “is anyone here unfamiliar with this dungeon?”

  10. Looking For Raider /

    Primordius seems to be designed pretty ideally for the author. You do shit DPS if you just tunnel the boss and ignore the mutation mechanic. And failing to avoid puddles after mutating also hurts your DPS as it stacks up -damage debuffs.

    Maybe Horridon could have been designed similarly, with, say, a 60% damage reduction buff that reduces by 15% with each gate crash (along with a corresponding significant reduction in health). Then people wouldn’t be encouraged to tunnel him for meter epeen since focusing on adds would actually result in higher DPS.

  11. Bren /

    Healing is ONLY fun when its hard and you’re making up for mistakes. Its the only time a healer can show whether hes good or bad, seperate the men from the boys so to speak. Too often (yes i’m bringing recount into this) I am number 1, tripling the healing done of every other healer added together…

    The only thing I agree on is there needs to be more name and shame stuff and i’m going to point specifically at Elegon’s floor. There is no excuse for that other than extreme lag and if you’re extreme lagging why the fuck are you raiding.

  12. Asphoron /

    You have no idea how right you are. Some of these people are too awful to realize they are also the problem as well. Just because it is LFR doesn’t make it acceptable to be a complete potato. I consistently do 90k dps regardless of class I play while following the mechanics of the fight, and am tired of carrying the 30k dpser who is standing in stuff just because “it’s LFR”. It’s like trolling. “Oh, it’s just the Internet.” That doesn’t make it acceptable. Should I have to waste my time, which often a couple hours, and gold, which can be as high as 150g in repairs, because you don’t want to spend an additional 3 brain cells to follow the mechanics of the fight?

    The problem is as you stated. There are no consequences for this kind of play. People won’t even kick a player from LFR sometimes for low damage because “It’s LFR, who cares?” Maybe you should only get your loot if you get hit too many times by a mechanic. OR you could also add bonus loot if you accomplish certain person objective like taking less than some damage amount or not getting hit by something. Detonate 2 or more wind bombs? No loot. Do less than 5 million damage to adds on Tortos? No Loot. Kick a turtle for an interrupt? Extra loot! Absorb 2 bouncing bolts? Extra loot!

    Mediocrity should never be seen as acceptable anywhere, be it in WoW or in life. Get your self together and stop wasting others time.

  13. Ned /

    This rant is utter tripe. It’s not even elitist tripe, which you can expect to wade through from time to time, but just garbage ranting all-together. I’m a long-time healer who heals regularly on Priest, Paladin, and Shaman clearing normals regularly, and dabble with LFR druid as well, so I hope I have a fairly good handle on the subject at hand. I do fully heal LFR at least twice a week anyway, and very often three or more.

    First of all, healing LFR isn’t hard. Even the author’s Animus example is blown very largely out of proportion. I do heal it several times a week, so I’m pretty sure that the hated DK is correct that AoEing them is by far the easiest. And it truly is, as long as you say “move out of red circles on the ground constantly.” It’s amazing how quickly the boss goes down if you type in those few words. Are there deaths? Sure, but I personally haven’t wiped more than twice in a row AoEing the room. It’s possible I just have better LFR groups than the Author. One thing I have learned is not to assume that people in LFR know raid mechanics, since even accomplished raiders don’t always understand how mechanics pan out in practice even with the dungeon journal, so I tell people what to expect rather than type out long rants while waiting on raids to fill up.

    Here is the real issue, as it screamed at me reading this. Author is pissed, but not because he has to carry the raid, but because he feels because it’s LFR, he’s entitled to an easy, mind-numbing run like any other DPS. Here’s the truth of the matter; unless he is one of three people actually healing, he’s not important. It’s a tough pill to swallow as a healer who is supposed to carry a normal raid, but it’s LFR. You’re not nearly as important as you want to be, but nobody really is. Beyond that, healing is mostly redundant, since what are normal mode wipe mechanics do very little damage in LFR, and almost every single mechanic can be safely ignored if you have an even marginally capable healer or two.

    What may confuse me the most is why Author feels DPS in LFR is in a different rule set than regular raiding. In any other raid group, it would be on the shoulders of the DPS to mitigate incoming damage as much as possible, but unless a mechanic will kill you, it is ultimately on the healer to keep the DPS functioning at near 100% uptime. There aren’t many exceptions to this, as most mechanics that truly drain healer mana gib players if they fail. DPS makes everything in an encounter easier, and every serious raider knows this. In any other raid, these DPS would be congratulated for doing what they can to make the fight quicker, reducing the opportunity for mistakes and making phase transitions quicker and easier. If LFR doesn’t mimic normal and heroic raiding enough is a very valid criticism, but that’s not the one being leveled here. This article won’t do anything to address that, but in fact will most likely widen that divide.

    This piece speaks most loudly of a felt lack of importance and a lot of misplaced blame for that fact, but little more. Sure, there are some runs where I get truly annoyed at the easily blamed bad DPS, but whenever I actually look into it, it’s simply a bad raid. Being DPS doesn’t suddenly absolve the rest of the raid of any responsibility, and tanks with us healers are generally just as bad as the DPS in these bad runs. Tanks and healers stand in bad too, and just as often.

    • I never said healing LFR was difficult. When I’m not trying—and I stopped trying after posting this article—I find myself among the top three healers you mention. When I do try, I often find myself as the top healer, and I cover 40-50% of the raid’s healing.

      I’m pissed because when DPS say they want to do things the “easy” way, their way is never actually easier. They’re just shift the pressure to perform well to the healers (and sometimes the tanks). They don’t realize that something has to give.


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