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Spartan Ops Episode 8 After Show

Spartan Ops After Show

Welcome to the Spartan Ops After Show! We are joined again by the actors portraying Fireteam Crimson. Today, we’re going to be discussing their experience filming on the set of Halo: Infinity. This week we saw the debut of Episode 8, “Expendable.”

I overheard you talking about Majestic’s role in the cinematic. Share your thoughts with the audience!

Reginald: So Thorne fights an Elite, big deal. I do that every week.

Sam: You use the butt of a Shotgun. He used his hands, and he was fighting Gek.

Emily: Halsey told him that some of the Spartan IVs might be more capable of being Spartans than others. Master Chief could go hand-to-hand with Elites.

Sam: Thorne could have been a Spartan-II if he were born a couple of decades earlier.

Reginald: What’s the big deal with DeMarco taking the Energy Sword?

Sam: I guess Majestic faces so few enemies that they never need more ammo than what they start an Op with. They never need to pick up another weapon.

Emily: Apparently they’ve never seen active camouflage before either. I doubt they’ve seen any of the cool toys we get to play with.

Jake: They get the easy stuff.

Reginald: So I totally called it last week. The robots wanted to capture Halsey.

Emily: And now she’s joining the Librarian. She’s going to find out all about Cortana, the Didact, the Composer. I think she’s going to rebuild Cortana.

Sam: I liked that she can speak Sangheili, which Glassman could not. In her first appearance, she said, “I am not Henry Glassman.”

Emily: She kicks all sorts of ass.

Right, so you said last week that you were still on set at the Apex location. Now we’re seeing you deal with the “Unfinished Business” this week.

Jake: Didn’t that part of the conversation get cut in editing?

Sam: Yeah, but the other discussion didn’t.

Emily: Still not embarrassed.

Apex, “Unfinished Business.” Focus!

Sam: Spartan Miller said the name of the location. That’s pretty cool, I guess. First time we ever hear the locations referred to on screen. For the rest of it, it’s part of the liner notes.

Reginald: I like that Crimson are the first responders. Lancer is going to be brought in to keep the place locked down when we’re gone.

Jake: We’re badasses. Except for when we try to sequence break.

Reginald: What do you mean by “sequence break?”

Jake: It’s a term from— I used the jetpack to go back the way we came last week. There was a barrier in the way, but I used the jetpack to get around it. I got to the second and third portals before we were supposed to, but the buttons weren’t responding until after you shut the first one down.

Reginald: If we had to reshoot this again, I could theoretically come with you over the barrier. Then Sam and Emily could hit the first one, I’d hit the second one, and you could hit the third one. We’d breeze through it in just a few seconds.

Sam: Interesting strategy, but who would let us redo this chapter?

Let’s talk about “Majestic Rescue.” I’m surprised that this is taking place on Cyclone instead of Sniper Alley, but I’m just the host of the show. Tell me your thoughts.

Reginald: We had a bet that we wouldn’t get to see Majestic during this mission, that they’d be trapped inside of a bunker or something.

Emily: A shame, too. I wouldn’t have minded if we had some face time with them.

Reginald: I know what you mean.

Who won the bet?

Jake: No one betted that we would see them.

Sam: He lost because he said we wouldn’t be seeing any Spartans. Crimson fought alongside Fireteam Kodiak here.

Emily: Who noticed that Kodiak and Lancer were two of the Fireteams named over the intercom for the Infinity assault?

Sam: I suppose we’ll be hearing from Fireteam Avalanche next week, then.

Let’s talk about “Lancer.” I don’t know if you watched the episode after it aired, but the Warrens and Apex locations are linked together by way of the background skybox.

Emily: We don’t see those floating structures out in the background. That’s CGI added in post.

Jake: It was funny to see the jeeps dropped onto the [censored].

Sam: That’s a slur, man.

Reginald: Yeah, at least call them Grunts.

Jake: Whatever, nerds.

Emily: It’s not okay. The extras work just as hard as we do, regardless of stature.

We really don’t need color commentary. Talk about the episode, please.

Sam: First we saw cloaked nukes, now we’re seeing cloaked generators. This is a thing now. What’s next, cloaked Wraiths?

Emily: Cloaked Harvester!

Reginald: Last week I said that there was a dude with a Scattershot. This week there are Grunts with Boltshots and more dudes with Scattershots.

Emily: I wonder if we’ll see Jackals with Boltshots? It would be interesting to see them charge those up.

Crimson also found Switchback.

Sam: And I said in the After Show for Episode 6 that the Prometheans teleported in, nabbed them, and teleported out. We saw them do it with Halsey this week.

Right. Speaking of Episode 6, you returned to Lockup.

Sam: I found it quite funny that pylons come out of the floor. They’re close enough to prevent Wraiths from going through, but they’re not tall enough.

Emily: I saw you launch the Wraith over with the boost. It was amazing!

Reginald: Definitely a Loose Willy moment.

Emily: The movie was called “Free Willy,” Reg.

Reginald: That’s a different movie.

Gross. Tell me about “Glassman.”

Emily: He’s an average looking guy. He doesn’t seem too bright, but he’s curious and eager. It seems like he’s the lead scientist on Infinity purely by accident.

I meant the last chapter at the Control location.

Jake: You’ll note that I sat this one out, because my contract specifies I don’t do nighttime shoots.

Reginald: That’s a shame. You should have seen Sam rocking it with the jetpack.

Sam: We also met Avery, who replaced you this week. He’s an actor!

Jake: You’re just jealous I—

Emily: SO DOCTOR GLASSMAN DIRECTS US AROUND THE LOCATION.  We spent most of this shoot just running around and standing in place. If we thought about it better we probably could have split up and stood at each location to make it go faster. There wasn’t much else going on than that.

And that’s where we’re going to call it. Coming up next, specs for the next AppleSoft ?Tablet have been leaked. Our tech analyst has the details on how many goats it’ll cost you. Be sure to join us next week when Crimson returns to discuss Episode 9, “Key.”

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