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Spartan Ops Episode 10 After Show

Spartan Ops Episode 10 After Show

Season 1 of Spartan Ops has wrapped up. We’re sitting down with the actors portraying Fireteam Crimson in Halo: Infinity. Today we’ll be picking their brains for their thoughts on the big finale. This is also the last time we’ll be talking with Crimson for the foreseeable future. Season 2 might be on the way but we have no information about that at this time. Let’s get right into the action.

So, Requiem is crashing into the sun and Jul ‘Mdama has Doctor Halsey. Thoughts?

Reginald: There’s really not much else to say.

Right. Let’s talk about the first chapter. You returned, as Sam predicted, to the Harvester site. Tell me about that.

Sam: We returned, found some rocks, and shut down anti-air cannons.

Emily: I could see the last cannon, and I fired rockets off at it. But we weren’t next to it, so the rockets didn’t do anything. That made me mad.

Reginald: I thought it was strange that there was all this fuss with destroying the cannons. All we were doing was clearing a path for the Pelican, and that’s pretty weak.

Emily: We could have been given more rocket launchers and lasers and—

Reginald: Stop that train of thought, girl. We know how you feel about big booms.

For the second chapter, which was called “In One Way,” you moved to the Warrens.

Reginald: Actually, we filmed chapters one and five at the Harvester first. After that, we moved to the Warrens to film chapters three and four. We finished shooting at Apex for the third chapter.

Sam: I was furious about how the Warrens shoots were set up. There were just so many Prometheans. It was easily the most tedious part of shooting.

Reginald: Yeah, and now you know what it’s like to be swarmed by robots. Your long-range weapons aren’t so good up close, huh?

Sam: The weapons are fine. It was the lack of ammo that got us.

Emily: Anyway, it turns out that the door near where we found Switchback was actually supposed to be a tunnel to Apex.

How does that work?

Emily: They’re not physically connected.

Reginald: But it does connect to the structure at the bottom of the hill on Apex. You know, as far as continuity goes. I told you we’d be returning here.

Sam: You also said there was a door at the top of the hill.

Reginald: And I was right!

I’m supposed to be the one leading the discussion here.

Sam: Lead faster, then. I didn’t care for the bit with the Warthogs at the start. The Spartans drove off without us!

Emily: But we did give them rocket launchers. So many explosions!

Reginald: I started getting a little bit sick when we were driving around at the end, clearing out the bad guys and waiting for the giant ship to drop off more bad guys.

Sam: I rather enjoyed the part when I ramped the warthog into the Lich.1 That was a genuinely cool moment.

Emily: I liked the part when Jake tried to do the same thing and missed.

Sam: It’s cool though, he had a jetpack.

Emily: Didn’t save him from the shame, though!

Reginald: So how about that device we took?

Emily: It’s kind of small. I have my doubts that’s a whole engine core.

Sam: I want to know why we’re not boarding these more often and stealing their cores. It’s a crazy amount of power in such a small unit.

Reginald: Now, I got a little sick when riding in the truck, but driving the ATV down the hill was a joy.

Emily: It reminded me of . . . something else. Something better. I want to say it involved The Covenant, but that’s a given. It might have involved shutting down a first tower, too.

We’ll ignore that jab and talk about the Warrens, again.

Sam: Well, we had a Mantis so you know the director threw more enemies at us than normal.

Emily: It was pretty uneventful otherwise.

Sam: Uneventful until the end. I thought Mantis versus Wraith would have been an interesting matchup, but it turned out to just be another boring case of shoot it until it explodes.

I understand the last chapter had some interesting setups.

Reginald: Setups?

Sam: We plugged the battery into the Harvester, then we went deeper inside of it.

Emily: We cut a hole into the mountain!

Sam: The Harvester is a digger that uses a giant plasma drill. It was neat.

Reginald: There was a cool structure inside the cave, too.

Sam: For the evacuation sequence, they had us rigged up to some wires. When the director wanted a gravity flux, the gaffers just pulled hard and made us go flying.

Emily: They were too rough with that. The harness really hurt my chest when they yanked us around.

Sam: Yeah, it hurt for me too.

Reginald: I didn’t find it that bad.

Jake: Me neither.

Sam: I thought you’re legally obligated to keep your mouth shut. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to get strapped in like that again. That’s what stunt doubles are for.

What are your thoughts on the epilogue?

Sam: I haven’t seen it yet.

Reginald: Neither have I.

Emily: The sun exploding was nonsense. It wasn’t exciting at all.

Reginald: The sun exploding would be the biggest explosion we’ve seen yet and you’re disappointed by it?

Emily: It was dumb. It’s supposed to make the escape tenser but it doesn’t.

What about Halsey?

Emily: I don’t want to talk about that. I don’t like Halsey but even I think it’s a dumb development.

Reginald: I like Halsey so I’m a bit worried by that statement.

Sam: She lives, right?

Emily: She lives, but it’s dumb.

Can you please go into more detail?

Emily: It’s just that… there was tension between Halsey and Palmer since Halsey was introduced. When Palmer went hunting for Halsey, it made sense. Then there was the conversation Thorne had with Halsey in Episode 4, where Halsey basically admitted that he has what it takes to be a real Spartan. That’s why Halsey trusted him with half of the Janus Key last week. Not only that, but Halsey has been loyal to the UNSC since before humanity made contact with the Covenant, but she’s so caught up with being treated like a war criminal that she forgets that the Master Chief was on the Infinity. For her to side with Jul ‘Mdama and throw all of that way so she can get revenge on one petty bitch is very dumb. It’s a twist that comes off worse than [M. Night Shymalan in the early 21st century].

Well that’s a disappointing note to end on—

Emily: Tell me about it—

This has been the Spartan Ops After Show. Coming up next, Congress has passed a ban on blueberries after they were found to give cats mutant powers. The After Show will return with Season 2, if there is a Season 2.

  1. A Lich is basically a flying Scarab.

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