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I Want to Resurrect in Combat!

World of Warcraft Battle Rez

In World of Warcraft, there is a limit on the number of combat resurrections. Normally a player can only resurrect another player outside of combat; a combat resurrection allows for quick revival during a fight, which could make the difference between a success and a failure. In a 10-man raiding environment, only one combat resurrection is allowed. Twenty-five-man raids are allowed three.

Priests, Paladins, Monks, Druids, and Shaman—every class capable of healing—are able to cast a standard resurrection spell outside of combat. These spells have a cast time of ten seconds. Druids also have Rebirth, which is a combat resurrection spell with a two second cast time. Warlocks have Soulstone resurrection with a three second cast time. Death Knights have Raise Ally, which is instant cast but uses a significant amount of runic power. Lastly, Beast Mastery Hunters can tame a quilen, which can use Eternal Guardian to bring a party member back to life.

Put the Sandbox Tigers away, it’s time we talked about changing the status quo.

To put it simply, standard resurrection abilities should be able to work in combat. There’s no reason not to do it. If I’m healing on my priest, I should be able to stand there and cast Resurrection. It’ll be a ten second cast so it’s a significant time investment. Raising one dead raid member could easily spell the death of another if I start casting at the wrong time. However, I haven’t seen many boss encounters where I must be healing with 100% uptime. There are many breaks in the damage where a ten second window is available, be it when Lei Shen is hiding, or during a phase change for Feng the Accursed.

And if we’re being totally honest here, spending ten seconds casting Resurrection just means I’m not casting Smite seven times. I have the time.

The biggest concern anyone might have about this change is the impact it would have on PvP. These concerns can be easily dispelled: It’s a ten second cast. If you can’t interrupt the caster in some way—even if it’s a single point of damage—then you really have no one to blame but yourself.

So let’s turn the discussion back to PvE and raid encounters. There’s only one reason I could see Blizzard not wanting to implement this change. As I mentioned above, there are four combat resurrection abilities spread across four classes. That’s a lot of diversity! However, of those four classes, Druids are the only classes capable of healing. Druids are also capable of tanking, as are Death Knights. Hunters and Warlocks are dedicated damage dealers. It irks me that raising the dead is a privilege of those who deal death themselves.

Why can’t healers, who already are charged with the flows of life, have command over the dead? Granted, the raid member likely expired due to our lack of diligence, but that’s beside the point! We’re life-givers. We give life, yet we can’t renew life in combat? It makes no sense to me.

Lastly, however unlikely it may be, what if the raid does not include a Warlock, Druid, Death Knight, or Hunter? It’s more likely this would happen in a 10-man environment than a 25-man environment. Or in a more practical—albeit ironic—example, what if the dead raider is the only one who could use a combat resurrection?

There’s no reason this shouldn’t already be in the game. There are a limited number of combat resurrections available. If a Druid uses Rebirth, then it will not matter if I’m able to spend ten seconds casting Resurrection. Furthermore, keeping the longer cast time makes the “normal” methods of combat resurrection more attractive. Why have a healer stop healing for ten seconds to raise the dead when a damage dealer can do it in two seconds?

Perhaps I’ll look into how I can improve my Smite spam instead of replacing it. It’s not like I would be healing either way.

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