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Jeremy Feasel: Master Pet Tamer? I Think Not

Patch 5.1 introduced a new NPC and daily quest at the Darkmoon Faire for pet battle enthusiasts. Jeremy Feasel gives an account-wide daily quest called “Darkmoon Pet Battle!” The task is simple; defeat him and receive your Darkmoon Pet Supplies reward.

Depending on how much you’ve trained your pet battle team, and how many tamers you’ve defeated, you may be surprised to see his team is comprised of three level 25 epic pets since pet quality levels beyond rare are currently unavailable to players. The best strategy to defeating him is nothing novel; simply play against his pet types. Once you know what you’re expecting, it’s easy to create a team that will crush him, so let’s take a look at his team:

Honky-Tonk: Mechanical

Fezwick: Beast

Judgement: Magic

Since his pets are all level 25 and epic quality, you’ll probably want to make a team of level 25 rares if possible. While having a type advantage is good, the increase in attack, speed, and health that comes with an epic quality pet can overwhelm even the best team. With that in mind, let us take a look at each of your opponents one by one.

  • To combat Honky-Tonk, you’ll want an Elemental pet. Not only are Mechanical attacks weak against Elemental pets, meaning your pet will take less damage, but Elemental attacks are strong against Mechanical ones, meaning your opponent will go down faster. In other words, your Elemental pet’s attacks will hit harder and Honky-Tonk’s attacks will hit less. It is the perfect combination.
  • Fezwick would ideally be matched against a Flying pet that knows a Mechanical move. Flying pets take less damage from Beast attacks and Beast pets take increased damage from Mechanical attacks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that such a pet combination exists currently in the game, so a simple Mechanical pet should do fine. Fezwick’s attacks will hit for normal damage, but your Mechanical pet’s attacks will hit harder.
  • Judgement would ideally be matched up against a Mechanical pet that knew Dragonkin type moves, but again, that combination does not seem to exist right now. Magic pets takes increased damage from Dragonkin moves and Magic attacks are weak against Mechanical pets. A Dragonkin type pet should do well against Judgement though, for the same reasons as using a Mechanical pet against Fezwick.

That means your team should be comprised of rare Elemental, Mechanical, and Dragonkin type pets. My personal choices for these pets are the Fel Flame, a powerful Elemental pet found in Shadowmoon Valley; the Clockwork Gnome, a Mechanical pet obtained from Archeology; and the Wild Jade Hatchling, found in The Jade Forest but requiring exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent to battle.

The first pet Jeremy Feasel brings out is random, so you may have to give him a free hit on the first turn to take out your type-appropriate pet, but after that, it should be relatively easy to defeat him. Don’t bother swapping out pets each time you defeat one of his. Your pet will probably be relatively low on health and it will be almost useless in another fight. Try your best to get a hit in on your opponent and dwindle down his health instead, even if you’re battling a pet that has a disadvantage. Remember, you don’t get anything but bragging rights if you manage to keep all your pets alive during the battle. The victory is all that matters. For example, once your Elemental pet has taken down his Mechanical one, anything else he does is icing on the cake.

With a team like this, you should make quick work of Mr. Feasel. Just be prepared for bigger challenges to come when you face the Pandaria pet tamers and legendary pet opponents become a reality.

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  1. Here through Blog Azeroth. Thanks for the guide. useful info indeed!

  2. Thanks. I had forgotten my old team (which I remembered right after I read this) but using your suggestions it was extremely easy.

  3. Fitty Stim /

    The order of Jeremy’s pets aren’t random (at least not for me).

    1st: Judgement
    2nd: Honky-tonk
    3rd: Fezwick

    Same order for 10 consecutive battles.

  4. Kongelf /

    Hi. Nice info, thanks.

    The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and the Darkmoon Zeppelin I belive would be flying mechanical pets.

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