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Blog Azeroth’s Furtive Father Winter 2012

Since 2009, Blog Azeroth has been hosting a Furtive Father Winter event for bloggers who talk about World of Warcraft. The concept is simple and endearing. Bloggers put their name in a virtual hat and are assigned other sites at random. Once you have your assigned site, your job is to learn about your blogger and “create a gift post using prose, poetry, music, graphic art, screenshots, or anything else that inspires them.” It is a secret Santa for writers who gather inspiration from a common source, and I think it is a lovely idea. This year was Clever Musing’s first year participating. I was assigned blogger Stubborn from Sheep the Diamond and I highly recommend perusing his blog when you get the chance. This morning I was excited to see that Amerpriest from AmerPriest Blog was our secret Santa!

Hi Carmelo/Adam


I apologize for being unable to give this gift until it was too late and it is really a last minute thought of what to really give you, but anyway, I saw this picture courtesy of Google Images:


Click for larger version.


That really describes what you are doing on your website and how you deliver great, informative topics in regards to many games we play online. It is really a great exercise for your brain.


This Gift Image is a “Gamer IQ Test.” The note on the top right explains how fun it is to spot how many games can you remember. Good luck and happy hunting! How many games you can remember? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!


I hope you continue to deliver us great information about games. Thank you, and God bless always!

Thanks Amerpriest! Do not be upset about being late because your submission was made on the deadline. Even if it was late, I think it would be easily forgiven. That Hardcore Gamer’s IQ Test comes from shadow502t over at deviantArt. I look forward to seeing how many characters and games I can recognize. I hope you have had a great holiday season and best of luck in 2013.

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