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World of Warcraft: Prophet Skeram Visits Echo Isles

Normally I would not make a post about someone hacking World of Warcraft, but this time it was so seemingly random I could not resist. I visited the Bug Report forum to make good on a request and I could not help but notice a topic entitled “Someone hacked WoW!!” Curious, I had to go take a look. There I found someone complaining about a strange event in the Echo Isles zone of the Cho’gall server. Apparently, The Prophet Skeram, a raid boss normally found in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, had been spawned all over the islands that make up the Troll starting zone. Naturally I took several screenshots and recorded a little clip (after opening a ticket).

I cannot help but ask why someone would do this. Clearly the person that did this wanted to grief someone, but they chose to spawn the boss around a Troll starting area instead of a major city. Even against players that are level 90, that many raid bosses would wreak havoc in Orgrimmar or Stormwind, especially since the boss’ mechanics include a constant spell interrupt and a three add split. But why good old Prophet Skeram anyway? I have no idea how this hack was accomplished, but I have to assume the person could have spawned other raid bosses. It seems like an odd choice to me.

I am sure this caused a lot of grief for any players attempting to quest. The ticket I submitted had an estimated wait time of 2 days and 3 hours. I sincerely hope this gets addressed before that.


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