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Ronimo Games Releases Snowball Earth Demo

Ronimo's cancelled 2008 Project

In 2007, Ronimo Games started working on a game for the Nintendo Wii called Snowball Earth as a group group graduation project at the Utrecht School of the Arts. It was their first game as a new studio, but they stopped production on the title in 2008. Fast forward to earlier today: Ronimo has released a demo for the game. It’s not a proper demo, in that the game is still cancelled; it is a prototype, but it’s fully playable. The basic premise is that a little robot accidentally freezes the Earth and starts the Ice Age. As a punishment, the robot—controlled by the player—is sent down to Earth to melt the snow and undo his mistake.

Going just from the screenshots and trailer, I think this would have been a very cool game to play. Hit the jump for link to the download, official screenshots, an additional combat trailer, and the prototype’s press release.


Ronimo’s Frozen Game: Snowball Earth

Ronimo Games, the studio who created Swords & Soldiers and Awesomenauts has released a playable demo for their cancelled game: Snowball Earth.


In 2007, before the studio had officially been established, the team had this big dream to create a full disc-based title for the Nintendo Wii. During their student master year at the Utrecht School of Arts, they worked on making this dream a reality with a title called Snowball Earth.


Snowball Earth is about a robot boy who thinks he accidentally started the last ice age. His robot masters have sent him to Earth to undo his mistake and together with his robot doggies he has been given the task to melt the earth. During his quest, he discovers that he has been deceived: a large fridge manufacturing company has illegally sold fridges to the yeti’s on earth, who can’t get enough of snow and ice. Our little robot hero must battle the evil polar animals, close all the fridges, and prove his innocence!


The team at Ronimo worked on the title for over a year, but were unable to find a partner to fund the project. In the end, they had to stop development. Now, four years after the development was ceased, Ronimo Games is releasing the playable demo for Snowball Earth to the world. The demo is available for download via torrent.


Fabian Akker, game designer at Ronimo: “Although it’s a shame the game never got a chance to see the light of day, we hope people will enjoy playing the demo. Hopefully we will be able to give the game a second chance.”

You can download the playable demo for the game by using this torrent: Download .torrent (908 MB)

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