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Super MNC: Super Blitz is Super Fun

Super MNC: Super Blitz is Super Fun

Uber Entertainment rolled out Super Blitz mode for Super MNC. I love it. It’s fast, frantic, and chaotic fun. I never really cared for Blitz mode in Monday Night Combat because it was too slow and too easy. Super Blitz mode fixes those issues, and adds a bunch of new stuff.

For the uninformed, Blitz pits Pros versus Bots. Bots will come out and march down a lane toward your Moneyball, and your team has to defeat them. As defeat the bots, more bots and varieties of bots come out from additional lanes. The game ends when your Moneyball is destroyed, which is inevitable. On average, matches will run for 18 minutes.

Being a fan of new stuff and trying new things, these are my notes for players unsure about playing Super Blitz. (Hint: just play it, you’ll love it.)

First off, Super Blitz gives players new gear. Normally, weapons and uniforms in Super MNC are cosmetic items that don’t affect how you play. That was true of Super Crossfire, but it’s not true of Super Blitz mode. You can buy (with either combat credits or real money) new Blitz-only weapons. These weapons generally increase the amount of damage (or healing, if you’re playing a Defender) you deal and how much ammo you can carry. You’re going to want a set of these weapons for your favorite Pro if you want to survive past round 60.

Products have received a similar upgrade: there are currently six Blitz-only Products that confer amazing (and quite frankly, overpowered) bonuses. My favorite so far is Bot Scrambler which effectively makes you invisible to the bots while you are juiced. The other five Products, in no particular order, are: Massive Blitz, granting air control and a much higher jump; Massive Juice, increasing juice gain and your rate-of-fire while juiced; Blitz Buster, like Bot Buster except it goes up to 300 Bot Rating instead of 100; Blitz Dodger, which teleports you back to spawn if you survive with less than 10% health for 0.5 seconds (that’s half a second!); Blitzy Spunky, which does a close-burst of damage when you juice.

Second, Super Blitz is crazy. Lanes will rotate open, slowly at first but faster in later rounds; more than one lane will open starting as early as round 10. There will be waves of breach bots (Slimbots, Shadybots, and/or Fujibots), waves of eliminator bots (Gremlins, Blackjacks, Bouncers, Buzzers, and/or Scramblers), and a wave of Jackbots. Not all at the same time, of course, because that would be complete chaos. No, there is some order to these waves, and knowing that order will save your bacon (or your golden egg).

Until round 10, one lane will open at a time. Each lane will be dispensing Slimbots, and the lanes will open going clockwise around the map. This is basically a free-for-all, so kill as many Slims as you can to earn cash and level up. Starting with round 5, Shadybots will start spawning, so you’ll want to start tagging those to get credit for the kill; “tagging” is when you damage any bot (cannot be a Slim or Gremlin) that dies within 5 seconds. Tagging the Shadybots lets you share credit with your team, and you’ll want them to have cash for turrets. Between waves 15-20 you’ll have a swarm of Eliminators come out; there won’t be any breach bots, so these rounds will just be pure survival.

For defense, you’re going to want turrets, lots of turrets. There are two concentric rings of turret nubs around the arena. The inner ring covers the money ball, while the outer ring covers the bot lanes. The hardest hitting turret is the Rock-it, but it is also the slowest to both fire and build; put at least three Rock-its around your Moneyball and you’ll have a solid defense. On the outer ring, you’ll want to have ShaveIce turrets to slow the incoming bots down; the best place to stick a ShaveIce is in one of the five corners where the bot lanes converge toward your Moneyball, and then you can put a Rock-it in the opposite corner and do some serious damage. Starting at round 30 the pesky Buzzers will start spawning, so in round 25 you’ll want to start building LazerBlazer turrets in the outer ring to shoot those flyers down ASAP.

Turret placement isn’t an exact science and you’ll have to play Blitz once to see how everything works in action. If you can get even half of these turrets built early, you’re bound to last until round 40. But turrets aren’t everything and you won’t have them at the start of the game, so let’s go over how the Pros handle in Super Blitz. (Note: I’ve only played Blitz with my favorite Pros, so this is an incomplete list.)

Now that I’ve covered the major game-changing differences and how to survive them, let me tell you about my favorite Pros and how well they do.

Artemis: She really shines in later waves when there are more bots and her bow can over-penetrate. Until then, the Fois Gras secondary weapon is likely to be your weapon of choice. The Outerang can cut swaths of destruction just as well in early waves as it can in later waves, and the Biological Warfare is a godsend against faster rampaging bots.

Tank: Product bomb, death blossom, jet gun, charge, these are all amazing things. If you’ve played Blitz as Tank in MNC, then you’ve played Super Blitz as Tank in Super MNC. The Tank is easily the front line of defense and then the back line of defense. Definitely the easiest Pro to learn how to play Blitz with.

Gunner: The mortar does pretty good damage, by which I mean there will be heaps of scrap all over the arena. For the most part, Gunner plays the same in Super Blitz as in Super Crossfire, except his missile can’t lock on to anything so you can’t fire it.

Combat Girl: My favorite Pro in Super MNC by a large margin and thus my most-played Pro in Super Blitz. In early waves, setting up a kitty nest is hard because you have five lanes to cover and not a lot of time to get set up in one before it closes. It’s so nice having the lane locked, though. My best strategy so far has been to place the nest close to your Moneyball and distribute the kitties between two lanes. You can also set up near some turrets for super healing bonuses. Combat Laser and the hurt beams are also amazing for clearing masses of weaker bots.

Assassin: In later waves, she is amazing. Use Smoke Bomb to stun large groups of bots (especially Jackbots). Her high maneuverability is another great thing to have. Also, her melee cleaves through masses of bots which is a lot of bonus damage. The trick to playing Assassin is to utilize every ability to cross the map quickly and deal with Jackbots and Gapshots.

Cheston: It’s like playing Super Crossfire except you don’t have players or turrets to shoot at, just more bots. Upgrading Rampage at the start is as good of an idea as Exploding Barrel, because Slims will be coming out in a double-file line; just Rampage down the center and get some free money.

I don’t really care about the other Pros, but I don’t have most of them unlocked so I can’t accurately report on the rest. Hopefully the information I have provided will allow you to draw parallels for your preferred Pro. Ultimately, you’ll have to experiment on your own. You may find that a Pro you love isn’t so great, and a Pro you hate is amazing.

Super Blitz is a different beast and your expectations, like your Moneyball, are going to be crushed in a very fun way. You’ll have to play it to understand how to enjoy such madness firsthand.

Are you playing Super MNC? It’s free.

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