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Minecraft: Ender Dragons in Overworld

While Minecraft was still in beta, Markus “Notch” Persson teased Minecraft fans with hints of the addition of dragons. On November 18, 2011 Minecraft was officially released and players were finally able to battle the dragons for themselves after seeing screenshots and videos of them in action. The dragons in Minecraft, named Ender Dragons, are very difficult to defeat. They are almost equally as difficult to get to. Under normal circumstances Ender Dragons reside exclusively in an area called The End. Getting to The End is not easy.

First players must defeat Endermen in order to get at least 12 Ender Pearls. Then it is off to The Nether where players must kill Blazes and obtain at least 6 Blaze Rods. The Blaze Rods are turned into Blaze Powder which is combined with the Ender Pearls to create Eyes of Ender. The Eyes of Ender serve two purposes. First they are used to find the location of Strongholds. By right clicking the air while holding an Eye of Ender, it will leap into the air and travel a small distance in one direction. That direction is where the closest Stronghold is for the player. Move in that direction and occasionally toss another Eye of Ender out. When you are finally standing above the Stronghold, the Eye of Ender will gently float to the ground instead of flying into the air. Then it is time to dig down.

You will find an End Portal in the Stronghold with 12 slots for your Eyes of Ender. Each slot must have an Eye of Ender inserted or the portal will not activate. This is why you need at least 12. However, when throwing Eyes of Ender in the air to find Strongholds, it is possible that they will explode instead of falling to the ground. You should carry many spare Eyes of Ender, but exactly how many extra is difficult to determine.

Once all the Eyes of Ender are inserted the portal activates and the player can step through. In End World you will find an Ender Dragon flying around pillars made of Obsidian with Ender Crystals on top. The Ender Crystals will heal the dragon but are easily destroyed with an arrow.

End World only has three block types: Bedrock, Obsidian, and End Stone. Ender Dragons will destroy any other type of block. Good thing they are not able to roam freely in the Overworld right? Well…

It turns out players can spawn Ender Dragons in the Overworld in Survival Multiplayer (SMP) without the need of any mods. All the player needs is Ops privileges. To spawn an Ender Dragon type:

/give [PlayerName] 383 1 63

Just be careful!As previously said, Ender Dragons destroy everything they touch except Bedrock, Obsidian, and End Stone. Enjoy your dragon slaying!

Update: This article was created when Minecraft was on version 1.1. On March 1, 2012, Minecraft version 1.2.1 was released which removed the ability to spawn Ender Dragon eggs. If you would like to spawn your own Ender Dragons, you will need to download and install version 1.1.

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  1. Ender dragon slayer /

    Wow i cant wait to test this out when I get it

  2. theNachoman99 /

    It wont spawn

    • My apologies! This method of spawning Ender Dragon eggs no longer works as of Minecraft version 1.2.1. I added a note to the YouTube video but forgot to update the article, which I did just now. You’ll need to download Minecraft version 1.1 if you want to follow the instructions.

  3. Thos is great.me and my friends have been wanting to take on more than one in tekkit.


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